2014 Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord


The Partnership of St. John the Baptist, St. John Nepomucene and St. Clement of Rome


St. John the Baptist

RR 3 Box 170 McLeansboro IL 62859  


Office Hours: 8:00a.m.-2:00p.m. Monday-Friday, Closed Wednesday


St. Clement of Rome

601 E. Market Street

Rectory: 643-3552 Hall: 643-3628


St. John Nepomucene

7th and Main Street

Hall: 736-2878




We the parishioners of St. John the Baptist, St. John Nepomucene and St. Clement of Rome, brothers and sisters in Christ, accept as our mission:

                 to know our faith and share it with others,

                 to continue to grow spiritually with respect for the sacraments,

                 to celebrate the liturgy and the Holy Eucharist  as the center of  our Christian life,

                 to live by truth and love,

                 to serve those in need,

                 to teach by example,

                and thereby strengthen and inspire our Parish family in  accordance with the                         Roman Catholic Church.




Administrative Pastor......................................................................Fr. Slawomir Ptak               

Director of Religious Education..........................Deacon Archie Bowers- (618) 231-1601

Parish Secretary............................................................................Mrs. Brittany Ronat


Email address.....................................................................catholic@hamiltoncom.net


Facebook........................................................Hamilton County Catholic Partnership

Mass Intentions for the Week

Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil   Piopolis           April 19          7:00 p.m.         All Parish



Sun.     April 20          McLeansboro  8:00 a.m.         †Gertrude Heil

Sun.     April 20          Dahlgren          10:30 a.m.       †Ruth Ann Wuebbels




Divine Mercy Sunday

Sat.     April 26          Dahlgren          5:00 p.m.         ††Frank & Appolonia Rawls

Sun.     April 27          Piopolis           8:00 a.m.         All Parish Family

Sun.     April 27          McLeansboro  10:30 a.m.       †Mark Rubenacker

Before every mass will be the Divine Mercy Chaplet


Partnership Trustees

St. Clement of Rome: John Perryman and LouAnn Morrison

St. John the Baptist: Alan Rubenacker and Joe Bernard

St. John Nepomucene: Josh Karcher and Aaron Rawls

Partnership CRE

St. Clement of Rome: Gena VanAbbema 643-3425

St. John the Baptist: Rachel Hopfinger 842-9246

St. John Nepomucene: Megan Woodrow 838-4430


Our Return to the Lord

St. Clement of Rome: Envelopes- $2,143 Loose- $83 Guatemala Mission- $10 Good Friday- $85 Catholic Relief Services- $60

St. John the Baptist: Envelopes- $1,626 Loose- $93 Youth- $2 Catholic Relief Services- $15 Organ- $25 Good Friday- $15

St. John Nepomucene: Envelopes- $761 Loose- $264 Catholic Relief Services- $25 Reimbursements- $100

Thank you for being so generous!



There will be a meeting on Monday, April 21st at 6:30 p.m. at St. John's Hall in Dahlgren to plan for St. John's Feast Day coming up in May.  Any Parish Council Member who is available or anyone else from the Parish that would like to help is encouraged to attend.
St John's Piopolis Scholarships will be presented to the students at the April 27th mass.  This is a requirement that students must be present at the mass to receive the scholarship.


ALL First Communion Classes: There will be mandatory practice on Monday, April 28 at 7:00 p.m. at Piopolis. 


All of the ladies of the Partnership are invited to attend the Mother/Daughter Luncheon on Sunday, April 27 at Piopolis. Social hour and registration will begin at 12:30 with the meal being served at 1:00. We will be providing various delicious soups as the main dish. The committee asks you to bring a salad of any kind or a dessert. There will be a donation collected at registration for the American Cancer Society. We will have giveaways and other fun things planned. Please make plans to come and enjoy an afternoon of fellowship and fun with us!


Hamilton County Partnership- On May 6th at 7:00 pm, the St Elizabeth's Altar Sodality of Piopolis is sponsoring a presentation to be given by Jenny O'Daniel on the Lifeboat Alliance Family Shelter located in Mt Vernon.  This Not For Profit Organization is for those wishing to make life changes.  They provide shelter, job coaching, transportation and life skills for those in need. This Faith-based shelter is primarily supported by churches and serves the lower 27 counties in Southern Illinois.


THANK YOU...to everyone who helped with the St. Clement’s work days this past weekend.  With everyone’s help, a lot of work (both inside and outside) was completed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!!  Once again, we were blessed with a beautiful day and parishioners who accomplished much work.  Thank you, all!


Catholic Moms Connect:  Can you answer yes to any of these questions? Are you in need of a hot cup of coffee that you didn't make? How about a chance to sit down and pray uninterrupted by children asking for juice or needing a diaper changed? Adult conversation with normal, intelligent, fun, nice women who are also Catholic? Then this group is for you.  Are you a mother with grown children? Or a really cool aunt that all the kids love? Do you have words of wisdom to offer those of us in the heart of motherhood?  Would you be willing to share what part of your faith got you through those tough times? This group is for you!  The Catholic Moms Connect group is designed to support and affirm women in the many roles we have in life as mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and friends. It is a ministry about women bonded by their vocation and their Catholic faith who come together to share the joys and struggles of motherhood. Visit our Facebook page Catholic Moms Connect of Hamilton County.  More information to follow soon.


Congratulations to those who joined our church this Easter: Phillip Bowman, Bethany Anselment, Danielle Snow, Jon O'Daniel, and Blake Poole.



As the season for proms and graduation parties approaches, there is an important practice to keep in mind – BUCKLE UP!  Statistics show that even though driver training requires this practice, only about 60% of teens in the metro area do it.  Another surprising bit of information is that about 70% of those killed in motor vehicle crashes were UNBUCKLED!  Encourage your teen and passengers in your car to buckle up. If they don’t want to do it for themselves, they could do it as a favor to you.  After all, taking a chance with one’s life is not the act of a reasonable person. Let’s be reasonable and respect lives.  Buckle up and save a life – that life could be someone very close to you.

Learn, Act, Connect, Pray.  Place a sign on your steering wheel or gear shift to remind you to Buckle UP.  Remind your friends to do the same.  Ask for God’s protection every time you drive.  You are responsible for the safety of those who ride in your car.



From the Pastor's Desk: On the Sunday of Jesus' Resurrection, I wish to all of you a blessed and peaceful time with your family. It is wonderful that we can refresh our bonds of love with Jesus Christ and with people. This is the biggest feast of our faith and it is the reason why we come together and celebrate. Jesus was the first to wake up from the dead and the same will happen to all of us. It is the core of our faith - eternal life with God. Believe that the tomb of Jesus is EMPTY and share this message with all Christians and non-Christians. We are all children of God and we all travel to the same place in front of God's face. May our journey be filled with mercy to others and compassion to those who suffer in this particular time. May the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, who is recognized and respected by the faithful of many denominations, express our faith about this amazing day of Jesus' Victory over death:
"Let every creature
in heaven, on earth
in the sea and in the depths,
give praise, glory, honor, and blessing to Him
who suffered so much for us,
who has given so many good things,
and Who will continue to do so for the future.
For He is our power and strength,
He Who alone is good
Who is most high,
Who is all-powerful, admirable, and glorious;
Who alone is holy, praiseworthy, and blessed throughout endless ages.
                              - from one of St. Francis' Letters to the Faithful "

Fr. Slawomir Ptak


Christ has Risen!!