2014 Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Partnership of St. John the Baptist, St. John Nepomucene and St. Clement of Rome


St. John the Baptist

RR 3 Box 170 McLeansboro IL 62859  

Ph. 648-2490    

Office Hours:

8:00a.m.-2:00p.m. Monday-Thursday

Closed Wednesday

Friday 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.


St. Clement of Rome

601 E. Market Street

Rectory: 643-3552 Hall: 643-3628


St. John Nepomucene

7th and Main Street

Hall: 736-2878


We the parishioners of St. John the Baptist, St. John Nepomucene and St. Clement of Rome, brothers and sisters in Christ, accept as our mission:

 to know our faith and share it with others,

 to continue to grow spiritually with respect for the sacraments,

 to celebrate the liturgy and the Holy Eucharist  as the center of  our Christian life,

to live by truth and love,

 to serve those in need,

 to teach by example,

and thereby strengthen and inspire our Parish family                                             

 in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church.


Administrative Pastor                                                     Fr. Slawomir Ptak 648-2490                

Director of Religious Education                                     Deacon Archie Bowers 231-1601

Parish Secretary                                                              Rachel Hopfinger 648-2490

CRE                                                                                  Rachel Hopfinger 648-2490

CYM                                                                                 Cindy Billington 599-7227


Email address                                                                      catholic@hamiltoncom.net

Website                                                                              http://www.hcc.coop/~catholic/

Facebook                                                                            Hamilton County Catholic Partnership



           Sacrament of Reconciliation: Before Every Mass


                             Mass Intentions for the Week


                        Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sat.        July 19        McLeansboro        5:00 p.m.          †Charles Miller

Sun.        July 20        Piopolis                 8:00 a.m.           ††Tom & Kate Karcher Family

Sun.        July 20        Dahlgren                10:30 a.m.         All Parish Family


Mon.       July 21        McLeansboro        No Mass

Tue.        July 22        Dahlgren                No Mass

Thurs.     July 24        Piopolis                 8:00 a.m.           †Maxene Halley

                       Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sat.        July 26        Dahlgren                5:00 p.m.          †Doris Karcher

Sun.        July 20        Piopolis                 8:00 a.m.           All Parish Family

Sun.        July 20        McLeansboro        10:30 a.m.         †Ann Maulding


Partnership Trustees

St. Clement of Rome

John Perryman and LouAnn Morrison

St. John the Baptist

Alan Rubenacker and Joe Bernard

St. John Nepomucene

Aaron Rawls and Cara Bowling



Our Return to the Lord

St. Clement of Rome

Envelopes $1286 - Loose $89 - Cemetery $590

St. John the Baptist

Envelopes $1452 - Loose $87 - Scholarship - $10

St. John Nepomucene

Envelopes & Loose $963 - In Memory of Mary E. Rapp Cemetery $500


Thank you for being so generous!



(All bulletin and church announcements MUST be delivered to the office no later than 10:00 Thursday morning)


The feast of St. Christopher, the patron saint of travel, is on July 25.  Father will bless vehicles in the parking lot after mass on July 26 and 27.


Partnership PSR: To prepare for PSR classes to begin in September, we will be holding the last two mandatory registrations this weekend:  McLeansboro – Saturday, July 19 and Dahlgren – Sunday, July 20. There will be a short parent meeting after Mass on each date. You can do this at either church, no matter your home parish and you only have to attend one of these dates. If you cannot make any of the registrations, please contact Rachel Hopfinger or Deacon Archie BEFORE August.


Partnership CYM Kickoff will be Sunday, July 26 at 6:00 p.m. out at the ball park at St. John the Baptist, Piopolis.  All CYM members, their family, and friends are invited to attend.  The kick-off will begin with a meal, followed by a informational meeting.  The evening will end with the kids playing softball, so don't forget to bring your gloves and bats.  For more information contact Cindy Billington.


Partnership Ladies: Dates to mark on your calendars:  Sunday. August 24, the East Vicariate CCW will meet at Dahlgren beginning at 1 p.m. and Wednesday, October 8, The Belleville Diocesan CCW Conference will be held at St. Mary the Immaculate Conception Church in Mt. Vernon from 8-4. Parish presidents will be recognized at this conference and Parish presidents have more information on these dates.


St. Ann's Altar Society of Dahlgren will be hosting their Annual Ice Cream Social on August 9th from 5:45 --8 p.m. in the church hall.  Homemade ice cream, cookies, Italian Beef, Chicken Salad and Hot dogs will be served.  There will be a raffle, cake walk and kid's game.  This is our only fundraiser.  Raffle tickets will be sold before and after all the weekend masses.   Each lady is asked to bring at least one cake and  some cookies.  Everyone's support is most appreciated.


St. Ann's Alter Society of Dahlgren will hold their monthly meeting on August 5th, at 7:00 p.m.  Jeannette Hart, Kim Bridwell and Audrey Buchanan are on the serving committee.


The Knights of Columbus Council #8745 will hold its 10th Annual Washer Tournament on July 20th at St. John's Hall in Dahlgren.  Registration will begin at Noon with play to begin at 1:00.  Refreshments will be available.  Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the afternoon.


Those interested in the Catholic Faith, or joining the Church , or wanting to learn more about the rich tradition of the Church, RCIA will be starting this fall. Call Deacon Archie for information 618-213-1601.


A huge THANK YOU goes out to the Partnership for the support during our "Hungry Hearts" week, June 30-July 4. There were 24 volunteers that helped prepare and distribute 1002 lunches to children 3-18 years of age. Thank you all for giving of your time to help feed hungry children in our county. AWESOME.


Note from Pio Kitchen:  When there is an event that aluminum cans are used, please remove them after the event.  If you would like to recycle them please take them with you,  if not please see that they are placed in the dumpster at the back of the kitchen.  We will no longer have a holding barrel due to the fact that this is causing a problem with gnats.  Thank you to all who came out and helped with the kitchen cleaning last week.


To whom it may concern:  There was a misunderstanding on how old the carpet was at St. John Nepomucene.  After being informed by parishioners, I was told that the carpet was installed in the 1980's.  While the carpet was being removed, another layer of yellow carpet was discovered, which was much older.  Thank you for paying attention to bulletin. 

During weekend of July 19 & 20, I will be off.  There will be a substitute priest who will cover the weekend masses. In care of emergency, please call neighboring parishes.  Father Ptak


During last Partnership Meeting (July 15), there was made recommendation and request by Alan Kirsch to list the parishioners who are sick or home bounded in the bulletin, so those who are wanting to send cards may do so.  Please also pray for them.  We will continue to list these parishioners in the bulletin from now on.  Here is the list:  Norman Kirsch, John  Hoerler, Joy Edwards, Odelia Karcher, Floann Kirsch, James Van Winkle, Bill Anselment, Richard Reyling, Floann Mitchell, Raleigh Stelle, Fr. Kreher, and Eileen Salmon. *If you want a name listed, you must contact the office and fill out a form, required by law.  Names will not be listed without the form filled out.


From the Deacon's Desk:

Today’s notes, are on Universal Prayer. Some of you are wondering why no birthdays & names of the sick are no longer listed in the prayer of the faithful. In the (GIRM) The General Instruction of the Roman Missal, the Universal Prayer or Prayers of the Faithful the people respond in some sense of the Word of God which they receive in faith and, offer prayers to God for the salvation of all.  The series of intentions is usually to be: for the Church needs; for public authorities and salvation of the whole world; for those burdened by any kind of difficulty; for local community; we didn’t take off the names we still pray for the sick, but we must follow guidelines of the Church. The Second  Ecumenical of the Vatican, Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy.  One other note, I hear sometimes from people, I don’t get anything out of Church—I think to myself it’s not what you get out of it- it’s what you give to it. What are you going to give to God today? God Bless and have a great week!  Deacon Archie