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Wireless Router

Hamilton County Communications, Inc. offers our DSL, Wireless, and Light Speed Internet customers the option to purchase a Wireless Router.

The main purpose of a router is to connect multiple devices to the internet at any given time. There are many different types of routers available on the market today. Hamilton County Communications, Inc. offers the Ubiquiti Wireless Air Router US. Wireless routers allow computers with wireless capabilities, such as a wireless card, the opportunity to connect to the Internet without being physically connected.  These routers offer a lot of flexibility because most of them also offer the option of being connected to the Internet through a hard wire.  So you can switch from hard wire to wireless depending on your preference. 

This Ubiquiti Wireless Air Router has the following features:

  • Give your wired network wireless connectivity.
  • Push-button easy setup and configuration.
  • 128-bit security encryption, access filtering.


For more information or pricing on the wireless router Hamilton County Communications offers, please call our office at 618-736-2242.