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Since 1951, Hamilton County Telephone Co-op has been striving to offer the highest quality of telecommunications and technology services to its customers. Together with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, the Co-op provides a full range of local and long distance telephone services, high-speed internet access, television services, voice mail and other calling features, and directory advertising.

Local Service:

Towns and exchanges served:

To receive Local Telephone Service, just stop by our office in Dahlgren and fill out the paperwork.

Installation Fee: $40.00
Membership Fee: $100.00
*The Membership Fee is optional. Membership with the Co-op gives you voting privileges to help determine the direction of our Co-op and provides allocations for services rendered.

*Hamilton County Telephone Co-op reserves the right to perform a credit check for all services prior to installation. A deposit may be applicable based on credit check.

Residential/Single-Line Telephone Service:

Local Service
Interstate Toll Access
$  6.50
County 911 Charge
Instrastate Toll Access
$    .87
Hearing Impaired*
$  0.02
Fed Universal Service Charge*
$  1.13
Access Recovery Charge*        $    .00

Commercial/Multi-Line Business Service:

Local Service - Business
Interstate Toll Access - Business
$  9.20
Instrastate Toll Access - Business
County 911 Charge
Hearing Impaired*
$    .87
$  0.02
Access Recovery Charge* $  3.00
Fed Universal Service Charge Business*
$  1.60

*These charges are fluctuated by the government on either a quarterly or annual basis and may be slightly different based on customer's location and services.

CPNI Opt-Out Procedures


Long Distance Service - Hamilton County Long Distance:

Hamilton County Long Distance (HCLD) is a subsidiary of Hamilton County Telephone Co-op. HCLD was formed to provide a much-needed service to the members of the Co-op.

Current Rates:

IntraLata = $ .14/minute
InterLata = $ .14/minute

HCLD does not charge any additional fees just for using our long distance service.

Hamilton County Long Distance Terms & Conditions


Toll-Free Numbers:

Have a loved one away from home? Consider a toll-free number, less expensive than a collect call and easier to use. As a member, you sign up for toll-free number for your personal use. The only cost associated with this service is the per minute charge, which is currently $0.14/minute.


Enhanced Calling Features:

Call Waiting
Call Screening
30# Speed Dial
Call Forwarding
Toll Control
3-Way Calling
Caller ID w/name
Voice Mail
Call Trace
Caller ID w/name on Call Waiting
Repeat Dialing
Priority Ringing
Call Return
8# Speed Dial

*Instructions on how to use these call features can be found in the front of your Hamilton County Telephone Co-op Annual Directory.


Hamilton County Wide Directory:

Each Fall Hamilton Co Telephone Co-op provides a telephone directory to each member of its co-op. This directory features residences and businesses in Hamilton County and surrounding areas. If you are interested in entering your business listing or ad in our directory, please call 618-736-2211.


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