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The Technical Support Web Site was developed to offer you a means of trouble-shooting a problem within your computer.

In the Error Code Explanation section you will find an explanation of the various error codes you may receive if your system configuration is not set properly. There is a printer friendly version that we recommend you print and keep for your records.


Technical Support Tips
AOL adapters in the Network Neighborhood properties can prevent a dial-up connection

In Dial-up properties of your dial-up connection, IPX and NetBEUI should be unchecked

In Dial-up properties of your dial-up connection, set your modem speed to match your modem (19200, 38400, 57600)

If you have a WinModem, you may have to use no error control and software flow control Some modems cannot do compression well

Improperly configured virus or firewall software can have a detrimental effect on maintaining a dialup connection or getting out once a connection is established

If you can obtain a dial-up connection but cannot browse or check/send mail, you may need to enable DNS in the dial-up properties of the location you are using to dial

For some installations using Windows ME (Millenium Edition): Internet Explorer cannot see the Connection Manager to auto-dial when IE is loaded