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Network Settings

To ensure that you have the proper network configuration: (from the Desktop)

  1. Double Click the My Computer Icon.
  2. Then, Double Click the Control Panel Icon.
  3. Once inside the Control Panel Double Click the Network Icon.
  4. The Network Properties window should now be open. Ensure that the configuration tab is the one that is on top. You will see a window at the top of this tab "The Following Network Components are installed" In this list you should have a listing for TCP/IP Dial Up Adapter.
  5. Double Click the TCP/IP Dial Up Adapter. This will bring up your TCP/IP Properties window. This window has several tabs. We will only be looking at three of them.
  6. Select the WINS Configuration tab.
  7. Ensure that WINS Resolution is Disabled.
  8. Select the DNS Configuration tab.
  9. Ensure that DNS is Enabled. Enter your user name (lowercase) in the Host dialog box. Enter (lowercase) in the domain dialog box.
  10. Select the IP Address tab.
  11. Ensure that the Obtain IP Address automatically radio button is checked and hit ok.
  12. This will bring you back to your Network Properties Menu.
  13. Click ok and you will be prompted to restart your computer (if you are not prompted to restart you will need to manually restart your computer) before the changes will be saved.