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Security for your loved ones...

As we grow older, we find ourselves becoming more concerned about personal safety and the safety of our elderly. We all want to enjoy the independence that we've worked so hard to earn. Seniors or people with special needs want to be able to live on their own, but also dont want to burden their loved ones. Hamilton County Communications, Inc. can provide the independence they deserve, as well as, have loved ones know they are safe and secure with MainStreet Messenger. 

Should an elderly or disabled customer become ill or fall, he/she can call for immediate help by pressing the alert button on the personal transmitter. When activated, the Messenger immediately begins calling the numbers pre-programmed into your system and will continue to do so until one of them responds to the call by entering two numbers. At that time, the hands-free two-way speakerphone will allow you to converse with the responder.The Messenger Wireless Transmitters offer superior signaling, reliability, range and integrity. These small, lightweight wireless transmitters may be conveniently worn on the wrist or around the neck and are waterproof.

Pictured Lower Left: Necklace
Pictured Upper Right: Bracelet

The Messenger system also provides the following features: Visual Ringing - Keypad flashes to alert the hearing impaired; Memory Keys - For one-touch dialing of frequently called numbers; Large Backlit Keypad - Easy to see, even in the dark; Handset and Speakerphone Volume Controls; Ringer Pitch and Volume Control; Hearing Aid Compatible Handset.

For more information, please call our office at 736-2211.

Installation Fee: $45.00

Monthly Service: $9.95/month