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Lifeline Service

Hamilton County Telephone Cooperative offers qualifying customers a voice or broadband lifeline discount.  Lifeline is a non-transferable, federal benefit that makes monthly voice or broadband service more affordable. The program is limited to one discount per household. Eligible households may apply the monthly Lifeline discount to either broadband service (home or wireless) or voice service (home or wireless) but not both.  Lifeline customers also have the option to apply the discount to a service bundle, such as home phone and home internet. The Lifeline voice service also includes toll blocking to qualifying customers without charge. The current discount provided under the Company’s Lifeline service is $9.25 per month for each month that the customer qualifies.

A household is eligible for the Lifeline discount if the customer’s annual household income is at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines.  You may also qualify for the Lifeline program if a customer, a dependent, or the customer’s household participates in one or more of the following programs:

 For more information or to apply for the lifeline discount, please contact us at 618-736-2211.  For more information about this federal benefit, please review the following link: