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Capital Credits

Hamilton County Telephone Co-op is a non-profit cooperative owned by its members. As a cooperative, payments for telephone service by members that exceed the cost of providing the service are called 'margins.' Hamilton County Telephone establishes an account for each member and credits to each account a portion of these margins based on the member's use of Hamilton County's telephone network. These credits are used by the cooperative as capital to provide facilities and services to our members and cannot be refunded (or retired) until the financial condition of the cooperative permits. 

Once a year, the Co-op sends a "Notice of Patronage Capital Credited" statement showing the previous year and total accumulated credits. This allocation is for informational purposes only. The Board of Directors will determine each year if the Co-op can and what amount of outstanding capital credits will be paid back to members without harming the financial standing of the Co-op. This amount is determined by the Board and is usually distributed mid-December, but may be disbursed at other times of the year.  

Please make sure that the name and address on your membership account is correct, especially if you are a former member that has moved. Remember, a membership account may be held by an individual or jointly. If your marital status has changed, it is the member's responsibility to review his or her account and make necessary changes or corrections. The by-laws of the Co-op stipulate that it is the member's responsibility to maintain current address information. Below is a list of former members that have unclaimed capital credit refunds with the Co-op. If you are on this list, please notify our office at 618-736-2211.

Unclaimed Capital Credit List

*The above file is in .pdf format. You will need Adobe Reader to view the Unclaimed Capital Credit Checks file. If you do not currently have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free at Adobe Reader/Download.