Route 142 E, Dahlgren, Illinois 62828

About Us

Hamilton County Telephone Co-op was created in July 1953 in an effort to provide an effective communication system among our rural areas and its members. Since then, we have grown our Co-op and its subsidiaries to improve the quality of services throughout our community into many different aspects of the communications industry. In 1992, we created Hamilton County Communications, Inc. to provide internet solutions and business telephone system sales and support. In 1996, we created Hamilton County Long Distance, which is available only to our co-op members.

We formed the Hamilton County Telephone Foundation in 2006, which was formed through a tax incentive. The Foundation allows us to invest back into our community through donations, scholarships and other opportunities. Our latest addition is Hamilton County Construction, Inc., which provides telephone construction for our co-op and provides outsourcing services to other area businesses. Moving forward, our fiber-to-the-home project will allow us to bring high-end services to our area that we have not yet experienced. Visit to learn more about our IPTV service and Light Speed Internet services.

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